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Only $225 for our Guard Card Course with no additional fee's, that's right the one price includes,  livescan and all state fee's.

Please stop by and see us about payment options so you can get all the training you need to start your new career.
Our training center provides you with a professional student friendly staff that works hard to give you the training that you need to go out into the job market.

Don’t be fooled many training centers will offer you the guard card (powers to arrest) class and only charge a small fee.
Then they will send you out to get livescan, and give you registration paperwork to send to the state, all with additional fees. We don’t do that here. At our facility everything is done "in-house". We register you and we livescan you here. When you take our course there are no additional fees.
The 8 hour guard card class is only $225

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